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Faret Group's 2020 annual business plan will be a complete success

2020-02-22 13:02:38

?Warm congratulations to the successful operation of the Faret Group's 2020 annual business plan

On December 20, 2019, Faret Group Guangzhou and Tianjin held a 2020 business plan meeting through a conference call. Chairman Zhang Jianfa attended the meeting and made a comprehensive strategic deployment of Faret Group's work next year and long-term development plan .

Guangzhou company meeting site

At the meeting, the management of Faret Group made detailed planning and reporting on the work in 2020.

Tianjin company meeting site

In the coming 2019, in the face of fierce market competition and the severe test of the global economic environment, all Faret are still firmly confident and united to overcome difficulties one after another, achieve annual goals, and achieve expected growth. Directors The Minister fully affirmed the unremitting efforts of all Faradans.

Chairman Zhang said that the coming 2020 is the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of Faret, and it is also the first year of the Group's "two, five, and ten planning" development. It is the beginning of the Group's implementation of the first five-year plan . Faret will continue to deepen the implementation of the company's business plan guidelines, take the annual target plan as a guide, implement the six strategic strategies, the seven major guarantees of the strategic direction of all employees, all members of action, and work together to reach a new height in 2020.

For more than 20 years, Faret has deeply cultivated the automotive thermal management system. It has profound technical experience, 87 technical patents, and provides customers with more than 13,000 products. Over 100 countries and regions around the world including countries along the route. Achieve full brand, full coverage, full network, and full matching to meet customers' one-stop purchasing needs. Faret will continue to invest in research and development of new and efficient heat dissipation products. Give full play to the advantages of engineering technology, continue to develop and innovate, lead the market, and create a benchmarking company in the field of automotive thermal control!

We firmly believe that with the solid foundation of Faret, united with all Faret, continuous innovation and development, and common development of domestic and foreign markets, Faret will definitely achieve better results in 2020!

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