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Leaders of Panyu District visited Faret to guide the work of epidemic prevention and control

2020-02-22 15:02:45

 Leaders of Panyu District visited Farrada to guide epidemic prevention, control and resume production

On the morning of February 11th, leaders of the Party Committee of the District Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Liang Shaofeng, Secretary of the Street Party Working Committee Huang Haibin, Deputy Secretary Liu Jianzheng, and Deputy Director of the Street Office Feng Zhanwei and other leaders visited the Falada Group to thoroughly implement the internship of General Secretary Jinping on the importance of epidemic prevention and control The spirit of the speech and important instructions, to further do a good job of epidemic prevention and control and resume work and resume production to conduct investigations and inspections, to guide the resumed work and resume production and epidemic prevention and control work.

District Political Consultative Conference Liang Shaofeng and Secretary Huang Haibin entered the factory area for temperature detection

Leaders are very concerned about and attach great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and production situation of Faret. After arriving at the company, they will immediately visit the production site of Faret to learn about the epidemic prevention and control and work related to resuming production.

The chairman of Faret Group gave a detailed introduction to the group's current epidemic prevention and control measures. He also stated that during the critical period of resumption of work, the Group requires that the relevant steps for epidemic prevention must be carried out properly. The supervisors of the production workshops have repeatedly publicized the company's epidemic prevention and requirements, requiring employees to implement personal epidemic prevention, and disinfection in each area of the factory. While proactively protecting the epidemic, ensure that production resumes normally.

Faret Group's Outbreak Prevention and Control Measures

In the early stage of the development of the new crown epidemic, Faret Group quickly set up an epidemic prevention and control working group. The chairman of the Faret Group led the company's leadership team to personally check the epidemic prevention work, and required that epidemic-related steps must be carried out in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of the epidemic and ensure all employees Life safety and good health!

① Prepare epidemic prevention materials and formulate relevant epidemic prevention systems.

② Strictly follow the quarantine procedure of returning personnel to enter the factory area, you need to check the temperature and wear a mask.

③ Do a good job of disinfection protection and regular disinfection

④ Do a good job in epidemic outreach and education to let employees know the relevant precautions for epidemic prevention.

After hearing the Faret Group's epidemic prevention and control report and seeing the Group's on-site resumption of work and production proceed in an orderly manner, the district leaders expressed their affirmation that the Faraday Group strictly implemented various measures against epidemic prevention. Encourage Faret to have the confidence and determination to overcome the epidemic! And fully affirmed the development of Faret in recent years, the government will provide better services for enterprises, create a better business environment, and hope that Faret can give full play to its advantages to enhance its competitiveness and continue to grow bigger and stronger .

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