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CCTV Discovery Journey broadcasts the full version of Faret quality documentary

2020-03-09 09:03:53

Faret Quality Documentary-King of Water Tanks

CCTV-Discovery Channel

[First broadcast time] Tuesday (February 4): 22:15

[Replay time] Wednesday (February 5): 13:15

As a large domestic automobile radiator manufacturer, Faret Group not only develops and customizes for the professional field of racing, but also is a world-renowned automotive radiator supplier. The radiator developed by Faret is improved for different driving environments. The life of the improved radiator exceeds that of the original radiator.

Today, Faret products cover water tank radiators, condensers, warm air radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers, and green new energy vehicle heat radiators, heavy truck radiators, and engineering machinery and high-end extra large equipment. More than 13,000 models, covering more than 50 well-known auto brands worldwide, to meet customers' one-stop procurement needs.

Relying on professional standards and mature technology, scientific management methods and strong technical forces, enterprises continue to deepen reforms and innovation mechanisms, and continuously improve core competitiveness. For many years, the Faret Group has been highly recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality.

After years of development, the radiators produced by the company have been sold to many countries in the world, ranging from new models to previous models, with nearly 10,000 product types. For many years, Faret has continuously improved the manual of automobile radiator accessories. It has successively collected more than 10,000 models. Nowadays, it has been used by many domestic and foreign users in the industry and has made outstanding contributions to the field of automobile radiators.

The 70-year development of China's internal combustion engine has driven the development of China's automobile industry. Faradoutstanding contributions in automotive radiator accessories, especially in terms of product reliability and consistency, have been highly recognized by the industry.

In the future, Chairman Zhang will build Faret into a warm family. "Quality" The king of water tank, walked into the radiator of Faret car, walked into the warm Faret, and felt the enthusiasm of Chairman Zhang Jianfa for the research and development of water tank.

Faret? CCTV? Document

Tuesday (February 4)

Broadcasting platform CCTV-Discovery Journey Channel

Producer | Ding Deyuan

Executive Producer | Fei Liu

Director of Section Group | Zhang Yi Director | Li Zhenyu

Video | Wang Yaolu Editing | Feng Jie

Moderator | Li Yuzheng Editor | Wang Junxia

Planning | Xu Jun Coordination | Li Lianqi