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Faret Group was invited to participate in the Canton Fair and the

2020-06-22 15:06:39

 Faret Group was invited to participate in the Canton Fair and the 

On June 21, 2020, Faret Group was invited to attend the 137th epidemic prevention and control resumption of production in Guangzhou City (Canton Fair and "Belt and Road" topics), to further explain the wonderful stories of Canton Fair and the "Belt and Road" and share The vivid practice of enterprises participating in the “Belt and Road” trade transactions! The companies that participated in this press conference were high-quality enterprises such as Dongguan Yichun Group, Darente International Group, Guangzhou Dayun Motorcycle Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Sofer Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

Press conference site

The Guangzhou 137th Epidemic Prevention, Control, Resumption and Resumption of Production Press Conference (Canton Fair and "Belt and Road" feature) was hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government Press Office, and invited companies to share in this online Canton Fair and the "Belt and Road" as an enterprise Thinking and opportunities. The invited entrepreneurs all said that under the special background of the current global spread of the epidemic, the 127th Canton Fair was moved to an online event, injecting new impetus to further promote high-quality joint construction of the "Belt and Road", and also boosting the world in the haze of the epidemic. Have confidence and gather positive energy.

Chairman Zhang gave a speech on the spot

Mr. Zhang Jianfa, Chairman of Faret Group

Mr. Zhang Jianfa, Chairman of Faret Group, said that the online Canton Fair is a disruptive change and will definitely bring more opportunities for enterprises! Faret went all out to exhibit online at the Canton Fair, achieve online and offline integration, and explore a new model for the automotive cooling system to go overseas. For example, in the construction of the cloud booth, Faret filmed and uploaded high-definition details of various products, and also recorded the latest live video, introducing the latest 3D virtual exhibition and factory 3DVR full-scale live display technology to help customers more vivid and comprehensive To understand the advantages and latest developments of Faret, you can also see the two major production bases of Faret Group in Guangzhou and Tianjin.

Twenty years after the establishment of the Faret Group, it has closely followed the national "Belt and Road" development strategy and pushed the group's "Polar Bear" car radiator products to the world. For many years, through the Canton Fair, this window facing the world, Faret has expanded its globalization market strategy Layout, create the core competitiveness of enterprises with innovation-driven development. Chairman Zhang said that he also participated in several live broadcast events. He felt that online marketing will be the normalized marketing method in the future.

The other invited companies also said that this year's online Canton Fair will allow companies to start a new model of "carrying goods online", while adhering to the "Belt and Road" spirit, expanding new customers and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results. Rely on the “Belt and Road” initiative or similar policy guidelines to “go global”. "Going out" is very important for the development of the enterprise, which is conducive to truly understanding the needs of consumers and allows the enterprise to go further. Online Canton Fair, how to use the small window to give guests different feelings, is also a new test for the enterprise, only to seize the opportunity, can promote a new start and take off in the new era!



Farada participated in the Guangzhou press conference

Faret Group was invited to participate in this press conference, which was affirmed by the leaders of provincial and municipal governments. Farada will continue to provide car cooling system products to customers and friends from all walks of life to meet the one-stop procurement needs of market customers, popularize high-end products, and popularize product quality, insist on making products of conscience, products that let users rest assured, and a full range of fully matched link cars Cooling system products provide customers with high-quality, high-quality services and excellent products for the global automotive after-sales maintenance market. Faret Group sincerely invites new and old customers from all walks of life to join hands and create a win-win situation.



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