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Faret "Yunshang" Canton Fair welcomes all guests

2020-07-06 16:07:13

   Faret first online Canton Fair was a complete success

The 127th Online Canton Fair perfectly closed. During the online Canton Fair, the Faret live room ushered in many overseas customers and friends, and communicated with us online. At the same time, there was a Faret 3D virtual booth and a 3DVR panoramic display of the production base, allowing customers to visually see both Guangzhou and Tianjin. The latest changes in large production bases have shortened the distance to customers.

Faret live broadcast room actively interacts with customers

Live broadcast with goods Customers like

At the "Cloud" Canton Fair, Faret is fully prepared to build an online live broadcast room, and has independently trained a professional team. After continuous preparations for rehearsals, a broadcast team that understands products, trade, and languages ??was born. Customers from all over the world have also come to the Faret live room, and online interactive likes and online orders.

Mr. Zhang Jianfa, Chairman of the Faret Group, visited the live broadcast room of the Faret Canton Fair and interacted with new and old customers from all walks of life. Chairman Zhang said that combined with the upgrading of consumption and iterative innovation, the Faret Group uses quality products to attract global customers.

Global customers online interaction

Global customers place orders online

For the different time differences of customers on five continents, we have live broadcasts around the clock. Global customers have come to the Faret live room to communicate with us. In addition, customers directly place orders in front of the computer desk. Through this Cloud Canton Fair, We deeply realize that online marketing will be the normal marketing method in the future.






Faret global customers are also actively participating in online interactions, sharing and recommending Polar Polar Bear cooling system products on site, proving the quality and price of Faret products. The customer’s affirmation has deeply moved us. Faret will insist on making conscience products and let Users can rest assured that the products meet the customer's one-stop procurement needs for cooling systems.

Faret was invited to participate in the Canton Fair theme press conference

During the Canton Fair, the Faret Group was invited to participate in the 137th outbreak prevention and control resumption of production in Guangzhou City (Canton Fair and the "Belt and Road" topic) to share the results of the online Canton Fair and the "Belt and Road". Thinking and opportunities. Faret cooperated with Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and other more than 100 countries and was invited to participate in this press conference. It is the leadership of provincial and municipal governments at all levels to focus on the automotive cooling system of the Farada Group for 20 years and to promote the development of the industry. Sure.

Mr. Zhang Jianfa, Chairman of Faret Group, said that the online Canton Fair is a disruptive change and will definitely bring more opportunities for enterprises! Chairman Zhang said he also participated in several live broadcast events, and he felt that online marketing would be the normal way of marketing in the future.



Farada Group participated in the press conference

 Faret will continue to provide car cooling system products to customers and friends from all walks of life to meet the one-stop purchase needs of market customers, popularize high-end products, mass product quality, and a full range of fully matched link car cooling system products to provide customers in the global automotive aftermarket maintenance market With high quality, good price and excellent service, Faret Group sincerely invites new and old customers and friends from all walks of life to join hands and create a win-win situation.

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