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Faret takes the road of specialization and specialty and insists on high-quality development

2020-07-14 15:07:44

?Faret takes the road of specialization and specialty and insists on high-quality development

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of "Specialized and New SMEs in Guangdong Province in 2020". Faret Group passed the final application of enterprise declaration and association recommendation, on-site inspection, audit and other procedures, and won the honorary title of "Special New Enterprise in Guangdong Province in 2020"! Demonstrates the core competitiveness of the Faret Group in the high-quality development of global cooling system professional manufacturing.

Faret Specialization Special New

Specialization and specialty, as the name implies, are to be rooted in the professional field, and have a strong innovative ability and creative vitality. This is also a highlight of the Faret Group's advantages. It is deeply involved in the field of automotive thermal management, daring to invest in research and development and technological transformation, and accurately positioning its core business. The Faret Group was established 20 years ago, focusing on the development and production of cooling system products. The Group attaches great importance to the technological research and development and innovation investment of new products, and constantly introduces high-end automated production equipment from Germany and Japan to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation.

Faret insists on high-quality development

Taking the road of “specialization and specialization” is a major strategic decision of the country. Faret actively implements the spirit of the instructions of the State Council and the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, takes the road of “specialization and specialty” development, and insists on achieving high Quality development, and nowadays Faret products cover water tank radiators, condensers, heater radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers, and green new energy automobile heat radiators, heavy truck radiators, and construction machinery and high-end special Large equipment radiators, etc., more than 13,000 models, covering more than 60 well-known automobile brands around the world, to meet customers' one-stop procurement needs.

Faret will continue to provide automotive cooling system products to customers and friends from all walks of life to meet the one-stop purchase needs of market customers, popularize high-end products, mass product quality, and a full range of fully-matched automotive cooling system products to provide customers in the global automotive aftermarket maintenance market. With high quality, good price and excellent service, Faret Group sincerely invites new and old customers and friends from all walks of life to join hands and create a win-win situation.

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