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Faret 2020 annual summary conference a complete success

2020-07-22 08:07:52

Warm congratulations to Faret on the complete success of the 2020 mid-year summary conference


Guangzhou company meeting site

At the meeting, the management of Faret Group made a thorough summary of the work in the first half of 2020, laying a solid foundation for the development and improvement of the second half of 2020.

Tianjin Company meeting site

The year 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the faret Group and the first year of the group's "Second, fifth and tenth" plans. The whole Faret people have worked hard together and ensured the steady growth of the business target in the first half of the year while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Chairman Zhang expressed full affirmation to all farada people's unremitting efforts all the time.

Chairman Zhang said that with 20 years of technical experience in the cooling system industry and the launch of high-end brazing and other full automation equipment, The year 2020 will be a year for Faret Group to take advantage of the trend and enter into rapid development. Faret will continue to deepen the implementation of the company's business plan guidelines, with the annual target plan as the guidance, carry out the important strategic direction of six strategies and seven guarantees, and all staff actions, in order to reach a new height in 2020.

Whole.the subsoil vehicle thermal management system for twenty years, has a profound technical precipitation, as many as 87 technical patents, providing customers with car radiator, condenser, cold, oil cooler, warm wind radiators, engineering machinery, radiator, oversize generator radiator and radiator, new energy as much as over fourteen thousand products. It sells well in China and more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including countries along the "One Belt And One Road". Achieve full brand, full coverage, full network, full matching, to meet customers one-stop procurement needs. Faret will continue to invest in the development of new efficient heat dissipation products. Give full play to the advantages of engineering technology, continue to research and develop innovation, leading the market, to create a benchmark enterprise in the field of automotive thermal control!

Whole.the will continue to provide reasonable price best service for customers from all walks of life friend of automotive cooling systems products, meet the market needs of customers, insist to do the conscience of products, allows users to rest assured products, with a full range, full match, full coverage of auto cooling system products, for the global automotive aftermarket customers cooling system solutions, the whole.the group invites new and old customers from all walks of life friends hand in hand advance together, create a win-win situation.

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